Fig Tree Bay

  The Most well known beach on the island, and its not hard to see why. Located centrally in Protaras only a 5-10 minute drive or 15 minute bus ride from the apartment. The pictures really say more than any words can, although even these cannot do the beach its full justice. Shallow, crystal clear water and white powder sand really makes this beach a picture postcard. I recommend getting to the beach early as it does get busy during the summer months. A comfy bed and umbrella is a recommeded purchase for around 5euros and payment is made to the local worker who will come around to see you.

Also strongly recommeded is the Fig tree restraunt which serves a delicious breakfast and great afternoon lunches (try the special toasted sandwich!), the restraunt which overlooks the stunning beach is very well priced and the food is of excellent quality.

The car park here rarely fills to its capacity as most people have either walked from any of the nearby hotels or caught a bus which drops you off approximately 100 yards from the beach.


Konnos Bay

 Konnos Bay or Ayia Thekla as it is also known has to be my personal favorite spot on the Island. Located half way between Protaras and Ayia Napa the area is approximately a 10 minute drive or 15 minute bus ride away from the apartment. The secluded bay is reached by travelling through a maze of fir pine trees zig zagging down a steep decline to the beach itself. There is a car park at the foot of the hill however it is worth noting that this does get very busy during peak holiday times on weekends.

There are several facilities once at the beach, a very nice bar selling hot food and drinks, or there is the highly rated watersports (Mikes Watersports) which i strongly recommend especially the jet skiing which can be enjoyed without the traffic asscociated with other local hotspots. The jet skiing starts at around 35 euros for 15 minutes which is well worth it considering both the quality of jet ski's themselves and as already mentioned the endless miles of traffic free sea!. The shallow crystal clear waters also provide some of the best snorkelling areas which are also not to be missed.

The beach itself is one of the best on the island, it is arguably the most visually stunning of all the beaches and is also a very child friendly location.


Nissi Bay

     Nissi is located approximately 15 minute drive from the apartment. Again as with both the previous beaches this is an incredibly beautiful location. Its swimming pool like, clear water where you can walk out for hundreds of meters is its main attraction.

The beach is extremely popular with young tourists, and is not what you would call a secluded beach. It is however not to be missed at least purely for its beauty if nothing else. Nissi is also home to the islands only Bungee jump which is located on the left headland jutting out into the sea. I have done this and it is not for the faint hearted! a truly amazing experience and one for the adrenaline seekers out there (prices around 80 Euros)

Please do not make the same mistake i made when making my first visit to Ayia Napa, Nissi is located approximately 2 - 3 miles outside of Napa central and is an enduring 30 minute walk at least. So either catch the local bus which runs to the beach or make use of a hired car.



Fireman's Beach

Fireman's Beach is located a 2 minute drive or 15 - 20 minute walk away from the apartment complex so you really do have the benefit of being close to home should you need to return. The beach is a firm favorite with the locals and as such is often busy around weekends and especially Sunday's. That said however for the best part of the week the beach is quieter than the other beaches mentioned. It is a lovely secluded bay which again is child friendly with its shallow clear blue waters and white powdered sand. There is at present no bar or restraunt at the beach however there is a small convenient food and drinks van.

Make sure you visit this location at sunset or preferably sunrise for a truly beautiful backdrop.


Waterworld Waterpark

Waterworld, the award - winning waterpark is an absolute must for family's visiting the island. The huge park has several amazing slides, rides and many many more attractions. With prices costing around 25euroes for adults and 15 euros for Children this really is a day out that can't be missed. There are far too many attractions for me to talk about in any great detail so please take a look at the official site where an online discount can also be obtained.

Its not just all about the rides, there are hundreds of sunbeds, a go-kart circuit and even a helicopter trip all on site which will take you on a tour of Ayia Napa.

The Park itself is located approximately 20 minute drive from the apartment and is the last stop on the bus route (after Nissi Bay) and still only costs 1euro!


All of the above locations can be found on the interactive map, just follow the link below



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